Northshore Structures

Step inside and enjoy the fine craftsmanship that awaits you from Northshore Structures!

Cutting the various pieces takes place at the Northshore Structures' shop in Ontario.
From finding trees in the bush to forming the various pieces in a huge puzzle and then raising and securing it takes about five to six months.
Much of what Northshore does harkens back to tradition.
A pine bough is left at every structure to pay homage to the wood used for construction.
A compass, delineating north, south, east and west, is always engraved into one of the posts, a trademark for Northshore Structures.


Our clients have been speaking about us since 1996!

May 11th

John C

My hat is off to Northshore Structures for the intricate work they turn into a mindblowing masterpiece!

Nov. 15th

Jennifer M

I can't say enough about the beautiful workmanship and professional courtesies that make Northshore Structures the best!.

Sept. 21st

David McL

There is nothing out there that comes even close to the talent behind Northshore Structures.! Thank you so much!